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What are the Rose Codes?

Have you been feeling the call to the rose codes?

Are you noticing roses everywhere you go?

Do they seem to be speaking to you through their beauty, color, scent and essence?

If so, this is not an accident.

There is a Divine Order to what comes into your consciousness.

It is coming up for your for a reason.

The Rose Codes are speaking to you.

What does this mean?

I am going to break it down for you.

First, I want to say that you are not alone! The same thing happened to me, especially when I went through my Mary Magdalene Awakening.

Through connecting with Rose Medicine, I deeply reconnected with my Feminine Power.

I worked with the Rose in a multitude of different ways - Rose Medicine dieta, Rose infused products that I still use daily, anointing oils, energetic messages from the Rose medicine, etc.

After all my firsthand experience working with Rose Codes, this is what I believe to be true:

The Rose plant is a direct and tangible representation of the Divine Feminine energy and vibration.

We all know that there is the feminine and the masculine.

Many people associate the masculine Source as God (and many don't - take that as a grain of salt), and many people associate the feminine Source as Sophia.

Sophia is also known as the Great Mother. There are many different archetypes that represent this feminine energy: Mother Mary, White Tara, Mary Magdalene, Isis, Hathor, Venus, etc.

If you are reading this, you very likely also represent the Divine Feminine energy source.

Just like people, planets, etc. represent this vibration, there are plants that also represent it. The Rose is a perfect example!

There are SO many special and potent things about the Rose plant that confirm this, and I'll list a few of my favorites:

She's the highest vibrating plant of ALL other plants! (mind blown) of around 320 Hz (humans are around 62-78Hz), she has thorns that teach us about boundaries, she has a beautiful feel, color and scent that teach us about beauty, femininity, and healing, and ALL the lovely physical attributes she gives us when we use her in products (especially on our skin)!

When we say the word, "code" we mean a message, something that has been interpreted in a certain way and is ready to be communicated.

When you put the two together - "rose" and "code" - it is a message for us of the Divine Feminine and all of her yummy goodness.

This is what I love so much about the Rose Codes - that we can tangibly absorb and work with these vibrations, through a plant. It's really quite incredible!

If you know me, you know that I work deeply with Rose Medicine, especially in my work with others.

If you'd like to dive more deeply into this, you can see my latest offering that incorporates the Rose Codes to support us in the balancing of the masculine and feminine in business, so that we can create financial freedom with sustainability, longevity and empowerment.

I also have a group coaching program for mothers to heal their lineage, step into their empowered Mother archetype and create an aligned legacy for their children. Learn more about that here.

Thank you for being here. I am honored to be serving you in this way.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you resonated with this and would like to talk more about it!

The best ways to contact me is via Instagram or by email at

With so much love and blessings,


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