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Vertical Lines

Red Rose Codes of Business


Seven Modules:

+ Mary Magdalene and the Red Rose Codes

+ Womb Creatrix

+ Beloved Shadow

+ Calling in the Dream

+ Ideal Client Avatar / Market Research

+ Feminine Powered Business + Branding Alignment

+ Service Centered Sales / Network Building

Who this Program is For:

+ Female entrepreneurs who desire to be more connected to their Diving Feminine powers - building a business from their feminine magic (cycles, womb and intuition)

+ Spiritualpreneurs who crave a business more balance in the feminine and masculine energies - utilizing the gifts within their own body + structure and strategy to build a business that is aligned with their vision

+ Those who desire to be more seen in the specialness + uniquely beautiful way they are AND make money while being it

+ Women who know they have a special gift to offer the world and lack clarity in how to monetize it

+ New business builders who need structure in their business + learn the needed tools to build and scale to reach their goals

+ Female entrepreneurs who want to learn to have spiritually connected sales + networking - releasing the old paradigm of sleazy selling

+ Women who crave communicating their offerings in an aligned and authentic way

+ Female Business Owners who have invested a lot of time and effort into their business, but have lacked seeing the results they strive for

How Will this Program Help You:

+ Get in touch with your body in a deeper way - know what it's communicating to you + grow your business in alignment with it's natural rhythms

+ Have deeper intimacy with yourself, your body and your sexual life force which is the creatrix of abundance in your business

+ Let go of the old paradigm not serving you + create the reality you truly desire, then build a structure for your business from that place of being

+ Get clear of the holes in your current business model and create a solid business/marketing plan that is fun and aligned of who and how you want to show up in relationship with your audience

+ Build your business around your dream lifestyle and get paid living the life that you've always wanted


+ Will see desired results faster than those who do not invest

+ Feel love, joy, fulfillment and abundance in all workings of your life and your business



Self-paced course price:
Comes with a Rose Medicine package mailed to you with multiple different Rose oil blended products to use in conjunction with this program

Additional 1-1 support is available on request for a discounted rate

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