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My Herstory

My journey began in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, deep in Appalachia medicine of rural Northern Virginia.

While I had a beautiful, privileged and magically wild upbringing in many ways, I also experienced much isolation, neglect and sexual trauma throughout my younger years that set me up for addiction and mental health issues in my teens and early 20's. 

My wealth of resources gave me the opportunity to experience some of the best therapeutic modalities in the country during that time. 

By the Grace of God, I had the inspiration to take advantage of it almost every time I was offered help.

My journey in recovery at an early age set me up for success in a powerful way to create a lifestyle and career of service.

I laid a foundation through sobriety (I've been sober since 2011), healed somatically through massage school, processed my core wounding in multiple trauma treatment centers, learned wilderness and nature skills employed in wilderness therapy, and evolved my life in the most powerful ways through transformational coaching.

I have taken all of these life experiences and have birthed them into the offering of Transformational Life Coaching that I use to serve women in the Personal Development community to use their past challenges as a gift to serve the world in a heart-centered, empowered way.

I am a mother of two beautifully special girls, passionate about spirituality and currently soaking up the medicine of the wonderful place where I live in western North Carolina, original land belonging to the Cherokee.

My current credentials:

LMBT - Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist since 2012

CCAR - Certified Recovery Coach since 2018

Level 1 & 2 Reiki Certified since 2022

ICF Educated Coach since 2022

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